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Need Video Game Music & SFX? Look No Further!

2012-01-02 22:08:37 by ScottyV98

In my vast time, of trying to create things whether it be websites, animations, music, or w/e I have collected myself quite the library of Video Game Music & SFX all in .wav format that I would like to share with the flash community for use.

All music and sound effects I have personally ripped myself, and are not, I repeat are not stolen from other websites, sound tracks etc. I am a huge video game collector and through time, I have collected almost every system short of the sega cd and master system with a good sized collection of games.

Here is a list of all the games I have music and or sfx for, (most can be found at my website, but for those that are not, msg me and I will give them directly. If what your looking for isnt in the list or website, feel free to msg me, and almost guaranteed
I will be able to get them for you.

Ok heres the list:

Nintendo NES:
- Batman
- Blades of Steel
- Bomberman
- Castlevania 1, 2, and 3
- Cobra Command
- Contra
- Double Dragon 1 & 2
- Duck Tales
- Final Fantasy
- Kirbys Adventure
- Legend of Zelda
- Lifeforce
- Mario 1 - 3
- Megaman 1-6
- Metroid
- Ninja Gaiden
- Tetris

- Donkey Long Country
- Megaman X
- F Zero
- Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

- Pokemon Heart Gold
- Pokemon White

- Sonic 1 & 2

- Golden Sun 1 & 2
- Pokemon Emerald
- Pokemon Fire Red

- Pokemon Blue
- Castlevania Adventures 1 & 2
- Kirbys Dreamland
- Legend of Zelda Links Awakening
- Diddy Kong Land 2
- LoZ Oracle of Ages

- Final Fantasy Dissidia

XBOX 360:
- Skylanders

Thats all I can think of for now, lemme know if you need anything thats not in this list


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2012-01-07 08:01:50

Thanks! When looking for resouces, I'll be sure to use some of the SFX from here.